£4.3 Million Lottery Winner Buys Slippers

A 69-year-old pensioner has become the latest in a string of UK lottery winners. In a surprising twist, however, she didn’t go out and spend her jackpot on vacations or fancy sports cars. She just wanted a new pair of slippers!

Jane Lewis lottery winner

Getting Lucky

Jane Lewis, a retired grandmother in Halifax, told reporters that she’d been buying a lottery ticket with the same numbers from the same Tesco every week for quite some time. This all changed when she “had a strange sense” about her odds one day and decided to buy a Lucky Dip instead.

The move paid off: Her spur-of-the-moment purchase turned out to be a ticket worth £4.3 million. When she realized that her numbers were the winning numbers, she called her son in a trance.

“He came straight round,” she said. “We fell into fits of giggles. We must have stayed up to 3am just laughing with one another. I was a millionaire; it was so bizarre.”

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Indulging Herself

Lewis’ first purchase was a pair of slippers from M&S that she bought after taking the bus to her favorite shop. “With the win, I thought I might as well treat myself,” she explained.

She also added, “It was nice to buy a pair this year and not have to worry about the cost. They have gone up to £18 now, you know.”

Planning For The Future

Aside from her slippers, Lewis does have further plans for her jackpot, though she admits they’re still up in the air at this point. She thinks she might buy something nice for her friends and relatives. She also mentioned the possibility of moving into a new home with a bigger kitchen.

She wants more room to cook for her 11 grandchildren, you see.