Even after winning a lottery of £1,000,000 recently, an Argyll couple was busy preparing for a community Armed Forces Day. The volunteers Betty and Geordie Rhodick from Lochgilphead struck the code of the Millionaire Maker in Mega Friday EuroMillions draw (May 29th).

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The couple believes that are extremely lucky given the fact that the ticket which made them win was almost going into a recycling bin. According to Mr. Rhodick, it was Betty who was responsible for them winning the lottery. She decided to pull the old tickets out of the bin so that she could check just in case they were missing out on a fluke win.

Couple wins at Angryll lottery

 Couple carry on normally after big win

However, despite this huge win, the couple decided to stick to their every day routine and began working on the Armed Forces Day celebrations. In Argyll, this is the single armed forces day, which is celebrated on Saturday.

Mrs. Rhodick, who is 63, mentioned that the winning of this lottery had been slightly ‘distracting’ for the couple. Mr. Rhodick, 71, serves as the Lochgilphead Armed Forces Day commission chairman while Mrs. Rhodick serves as the secretary.

The humble Rhodicks

Despite this huge win, the humble couple carried on sincerely with the voluntary work that they have been involved in. They are responsible for the sale of raffle tickets within the neighbourhood Co-op.

There is anticipation around the 2015 Armed Forces Day being the biggest ever because it is the 50th anniversary celebrating the independence of Lochgilphead. Lochgilphead Drill Hall will be the starting point of parade going towards Lochgilphead Front Green. The Sutherland Highlander & Argyll veterans will be taking part in the race along with local cadets, British Legion members and other regiments’ veterans.