Progressive Jackpots are an increasingly popular aspect of the Slots games and online gaming community in general. As more and more people are drawn by the promise of great fun and the exceptional rewards that come with playing Progressive Jackpots, it is very important to provide a platform that everyone can use to keep up to speed with the ins and outs of the games.

To put it simply, Progressive Jackpots are the bonus funds accumulated from one or more gaming machines. The amount increases with every user who has a go unless of course, they cash out the jackpot themselves! Progressive Jackpots are a key incentive within the world of modern gaming as players stand the chance of winning big from a relatively small expense.

Whilst the principle itself does not stray too far from that of a simple and original jackpot, Progressive Jackpots are made all the more exciting by the internet as the pot can be added to by an infinite number of people from all over the world. So it is common for such jackpots to reach rather dizzying heights as a result of the sheer number of gamers who each contribute a little.

It is the mission of Rich Wasp to show online gamers the rich rewards offered by Progressive Jackpots across the online casino community. As the modern industry is awash with so many games accumulating so many separate progressive jackpots, we hope to give our users the upper-hand by detailing which are primed for a winning combo and which are best avoided for the moment.